Before the current pandemic, many local residents did not have the protections now in place to prevent evictions from taking place in our local communities. These residents constantly feared being evicted from their homes simply because they fell on hard times and could not pay a month’s worth of rent. The Brian P. Stack Civic Association works throughout the year to prevent these evictions from taking place by providing support for residents in need. In one such case, the civic association prevented the eviction of a widowed senior citizen from Jersey City by helping her pay a portion of her back rent.

During the pandemic, there’s been a spotlight placed on the many families suffering in our communities from food insecurity and lack of resources. However, the Brian P. Stack Civic Association has provided assistance to families in need since its inception and focuses on making families whole throughout the year. In one instance, a mother of four children was suddenly left to sustain her entire family without support from her husband, who was suddenly deported without explanation. The civic association helped stabilize the mother and her children during these chaotic times by helping them get situated in a new apartment, provided them with beds for the children, and provided food assistance.

Brian P Stack


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